We are Sini and Tors­ti Spoof, an ex­pe­rienced and re­liable voice-over duo. You may have heard our voice in com­mercials, TV and ra­dio, cor­po­ra­te vi­deos, educa­tio­nal ma­te­rial, airpla­nes etc…

Qua­li­ty and re­lia­bi­li­ty are im­por­tant to us. Our long ex­pe­rience and work rou­ti­ne make it pos­sible for us to de­li­ver au­dio even wit­hin tight sche­du­les.

We are known as po­si­ti­ve, nice people who are easy to work with.

We can take care of Your project’s ot­her au­dio pro­duc­tion areas as well from recor­ding, edi­ting, sound de­sign to Music pro­duc­tion.

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  • Sini Spoof

    Sini Spoof

    I’m a ver­sa­ti­le voice, speech and vocal pro­fes­sio­nal.
    I’ve been doing voice-overs pro­fes­sio­nal­ly for 15 years in ad­di­tion to wor­king as a vocal pe­da­go­gue and a sin­ger.

    My voice is plea­sant­ly clear, bright and I can ea­si­ly do va­rious sty­les — from per­ky car­toon to­nes to calm, con­vincing and mel­low educa­tio­nal voices for eLear­ning needs.

    I can do a va­rie­ty of to­nes nee­ded in me­tal, rock, pop, jazz, clas­sical and children’s music.

    I have stu­died voice cont­rol for th­ree deca­des in places like Berklee Col­le­ge of Music focusing on dif­fe­rent vocal sty­les, and in the Comple­te Vocal Ins­ti­tu­te, Co­pen­ha­gen, from which I gra­dua­ted as an aut­ho­rized Comple­te Vocal Tech­nique (CVT) teac­her.

    When you need voice-overs or vocals in your pro­duc­tion, plea­se, ask for an of­fer.

    Tel +358 40 840 0166
    E-mail sini@voiceforyou.fi
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  • Torsti Spoof

    Torsti Spoof

    I’m an ex­pe­rienced, long-time voice-over ar­tist with over 20 years of ex­pe­rience. My voice is clear, warm and smooth. My midd­le-aged man’s voice works great for all kinds of pro­jects from com­mercials to eLear­ning pro­duc­tions.

    My long-time ca­reer as a recor­ding and mixing en­gi­neer gi­ves me very strong tech­nical know-how. This helps me de­li­ver high-qua­li­ty re­sults fast. I can also ea­si­ly do the fi­nal mixing of your pro­ject if nee­ded.

    Ma­king music is a big part of my life. You have heard my music in many in­ter­na­tio­nal Hol­lywood mo­vie trai­lers and TV cam­paigns, TV shows, ga­mes etc…

    If you need real­ly high-qua­li­ty music to add to the voice-overs in your pro­duc­tions, plea­se vi­sit torstispoof.com

    Tel +358 50 919 7395
    E-mail torsti@voiceforyou.fi

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Do you need voice of child for your production?

I’m Eri­ka — a cheer­ful and li­ve­ly 12-year-old girl. My voice is bright and clear. I’ve done voice-overs for com­mercials for a few years. I love to sing. I star­ted ta­king sin­ging les­sons when I was se­ven. In ad­di­tion to sin­ging I do musical thea­ter, pain­ting, soccer and track-and-field.

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You can con­tact us by using the form be­low. If You need to give us a ring, Sini’s pho­ne num­ber

is +358 40 8400 166 and Torsti’s pho­ne num­ber is: +358 50 9197 395